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I'm The Slayer You're Play'n On My Turf!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar: This slayer is bound for happiness!! She's been going out with one of the hottest males in the media, his name is but of course Freddie Prince Junior! In the up-coming season five buffy will meet Dracula head on and other such demons from hell. She's now making her own website wich will be on my site in the near to distant future. also her new movie called the Harvard man is not due till late winter/ early spring sorry!

Riley: Oh my gosh is he really gone!? I'm so excited I'm going to throw a party! I never did like him that much anyways, but he is making a movie wich will probably be out in the spring.

Seth Green: Oz will not be on the show anymore sigh!! Yet he is making a move that is called something like "Idle Hand" wich is soon to hit theaters.

Eliza Dushku: Will appear on Angel, and might even be rehabelitated! (I know you guys want the bad Faith, but I personly like "Sanctuary" where she became good. Rumer has it that Faith is going to die at the end of this season trying to help save Buffy's sister.

David Borrianaz: Is on his second season of Angel, and is also filming a movie about baseball, they say he's pretty good at it.

Willow, and Tara: Do you guys like they're relationship, I think it's kinda creepy, but yet cute. E-mail me what you think.

Spike: Wow he is a hot guy with that accent and all. He will make Buffy forget all about Riley and all the other good guys that she might have dated before! Yet i don't see that happening. I mean how could Buffy like somebody like spike?

Dawn Summers: The new sister everyones so fond of, but is she really Buffy's sister? The answer is no, but she still has an effect on Buffy. For she is the key somebody Buffy has to protect to ensure everyone's survival. Too much is not know about Dawn except that it seems that she is lacking friends, and proper attention. Oh yeah don't forget her thing for Xander!

If anybody wants information about anyother cast member contact me, and I'll try to find something for you guys.


I will be putting up sounds of the cast members of buffy and Angel that aren't from the tv shows

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Want to know more about your favorite stars from buffy, and angel, well you've come to the right place!