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I'm The Slayer You're Play'n On My Turf!
Laughing Out Loud

This is the page were anything that could happen happens and everything that couldn't happen does

Have You ever thought about all the weird stuff that has happened on buffy the vampire salyer? For example Willow and Taras' realationship. What would have happened if they had never even met? Tyler says: "that Willow would be in a relashionship with OZ and Willow probably wouldn't be so good with magic." Yet if you guys saw last weeks epesoid where Willow freed a troll, we could say otherwise. Sarah says: "if Willow and Tara had never met Willow might be in a relashionship with Buffy or even cheating with Anya." I took a lot of time to imagine this, but I could never see it coming!

Another issue is what if angel didn't go to the oracle to make himself a vampire agin? Jamie says: "then Buffy and Angel would have amny kids and live happilly ever after!" If this were true who would take care of the chosen kids? Angel hehe! And also Buffy can't be preganant she needs to kill demons.

Finally, what if Faith didn't turn evil? Rachel says:"Then Buffy and Faith would have already killed everthing that lives in the underworld and we wouldn't have Buffy the vampire slayer show anymore (weep)" I think not Rachel! Though they were a really good team the wouldn't have killed all evil!

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