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Take Your Greatest Fear and Multiply It By "X"

Pictures, videos, sounds, and more!

Well you've come to my only X-file page on this site and I got to tell you that you won't be disappointed! I've got really cool pictures, and sounds here. Also a couple videos and such, so be happy and enjoy!




Here's the news on all that X-files. Scully is preganant with god know what! I mean didn't we all think she was incapable of even having a baby? At least I did after she was abducted. Dogett is an interesting character himself, and something about him reminds me of Moulder, but I don't know what. The best epesoid so far this season has to go to Roadrunners. That was thrilling exciting and nerveracking at the same time!

click below to see a lean on me video of the X-Files. This video contains numerous clips of numerous epesoids.

click here to play video

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