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I'm The Slayer You're Play'n On My Turf!
About Me
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If you wanna know more about me you've come to the right place!

Hi my name is Elana, and I just started highschool a couple weeks ago. People tell me that I'm funny, pretty, smart, and athletic, and by the way flirty is somewhere in threr too.

I've lived in Minnesota for 11 years now, but before I got here I lived in Minsk, Belarus (it's right by Russia) I got here when I was about four. I've traveled a lot during my life to places like: California, Austria, New York, Domenican Republic, and Cancun, Mexico.

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Here are my favorite movies:

The Matrix, Bring It On, and Cruel Intentions.

Here are my favorite foods:

Pasta, Ice Cream, and chocolate anything!

Here is my favorite music:

Bare Naked Ladies, John Bon Jovie, and Everclear

Here are my favorite Tv shows:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Friends, Passions, and Third Rock From The Sun